Unit #1 of this Eustis landmark is the
oldest part of this structure.
The front and back walls were built
of 4" thick, unreinforced CMU.
The wall facing Bay Street was likely
constructed some time later. In all
probability, they had to cut back the
building when Bay Street was
widened. This wall was made of
conventional 8" CMU, but the
blocks were laid in a stacked-bond,
not running-bond layout and this wall
contained no reinforcement.
Significant daylight was visible
through cracked seams, and the wall
visibly moved when trucks went past
on the road outside.
As this area has seen some
significant storms over the past few
years, the owner was looking to
renovate this unit and return it to
rental condition.
One complication of the
project was that the structure
was grandfathered into its
location. If it were torn down
and rebuilt, this unit would
have to be cut back to an
impractically small size in order
to comply with current
Therefore, several schemes
were discussed to renovate the
unit instead of simply replacing
it. Working closely with the
owner, contractor, and the
City of Eustis, we reached a
consensus that we would leave
the existing roof in place--but
renovate everything below it!
Connolly Builders, of Eustis,
carefully shored the existing roof
in place before removing the walls
and those parts of the foundation
that we were not able to reuse.
Textured and to-scale computer models can be used in our design process to make sure that what gets built is
true to the owner's vision. Here, the owner's desire to maximize glazing and incorporate a simple but strong
column design element take shape in the proposed renovated Unit #1.
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