Why FTP?
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, and it provides a way to transfer files that are too large for regular email.
If a file to be transferred is only a few Megs in size, email will be perfectly adequate. However, if a series of files
constituting the entire plans for a 100 story building are to be transferred, then that is likely to amount to many
dozens of several-Meg files. That much data will clog up most any email server. Therefore, we must use the less
convenient FTP process.

How to FTP?
You will need a program that knows how to FTP. There are many choices for free. One such example that we
are familiar with is FileZilla. This is available for free download at
Microsoft Internet Explorer can be used directly for this, but the method is rather convoluted. Therefore, we
cannot recommend it. If you want to use it, though, the process is outlined below.

Where to FTP?
To upload or download files, point your FTP software to the following site: ftp.acsengineeringinc.com.

Use the following information to make use of our guest account.
Username:         ftpguest@acsengineeringinc.com
Password:         acsftp

Please contact us to set up a secure area of our FTP server, if you require a confidential file transfer experience.

Procedure for Internet Explorer 7 (for Windows only - apparently the Mac version does not function like
1.) Open an Internet Explorer window and point it to our FTP site. This should happen if you click on
ftp.acsengineeringinc.com.This will bring up the dreaded "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" page.
This is normal. Don't panic!
2.) Has your Internet Explorer hidden the menus? If so, hit the
"Alt" key to make them visible.
3.) Under the "View" menu, select
"Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer". This connects you to our FTP
server, but you are not logged in to any account, yet.
4.) In the new Explorer window that has opened, go to the
"File" menu and select "Login as..."
5.) In the dialog box that opens, type the username and password shown above for the guest account. If you
have made prior arrangements for a specific account with ACS, use the information for that account instead.
6.) You are now logged in to an account. You can upload or download files via cut-and-paste or
click-and-drag just like this window was any other Explorer window.
FTP Server
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