Here are some of snapshots of a selection of Residential projects for which ACS has provided Residential
Design Services.
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Residential and Interior Design Projects
Earthy-Contemporary Remodel/Addition, Sanford, FL
Residential Designer: Sarah Jewell-Barber at ACS Engineering, Inc.
Engineer of Record: Timothy A. Barber, PE at ACS Engineering, Inc.
The homeowner approached us seeking to make some changes to the uninteresting front of the
residence. The flat-roofed dining room (formerly a covered patio) leaked when it rained and hid the
recessed and uninviting entry from arriving visitors. During the course of our meetings, it became
apparent that they really needed more space as well, but the lot did not give them much room to
work with.
Our solution greatly improves and modernizes both the curb appeal and the functionality of the
house in just the feel the owner was looking for. The size of the dining room is increased. We found
room for an entirely new office and foyer, with an attractive entryway featured. Improving the
aesthetics both inside and out, the ceilings in the new portion were raised just the right amount. The
new roof is made up of attic trusses, providing a valuable new storage area.
Colonial Porch Addition, Orlando, FL
Residential Designer: Sarah Jewell-Barber at ACS Engineering, Inc.
Engineer of Record: Timothy A. Barber, PE at ACS Engineering, Inc.
Contractor: Hartman Design & Construction
The existing broad expanse of concrete in this west-facing pool/patio had no shade. That it is nestled
between the house and guest house of this residence seems to concentrate and magnify the sun's rays
making the area so hot as to be unusable for much of the year. The contractor and homeowner
approached us with the idea of providing a simple flat roof to that would connect the two buildings and
provide much needed shade. That the roofs of the existing structures were entirely different pitches
elevations made even a flat roof not so simple, but when we saw that the house in question was a colonial
(a rare treat in this area!) we suggested a slightly different tactic.
Our resulting design unifies the two disparate structures, and serves to feature and strengthen the colonial
identity of the residence rather than detract from it. Privacy from the front is provided by enclosing the
passage between the structures with a new wall with large carriage-house doors. This leads to a colonnade
culminating near the pool with a roof feature accenting the existing tower. The entries to the guest house are
set off with small gables and columns, but the grand entrance is reserved for the new door into the main
residence, which is accented by column and beam placement as well as a period-appropriate vaulted
Early Victorian Interior Design,
Eustis, FL
Interior Designer: Sarah
Jewell-Barber at ACS Engineering,
To step through the door of this
residence is to step back in time to
the 1840s. Not only does the
period-appropriate selection of
color, texture, and furnishings
convince most visitors that the house
really is that old (it was built in
2002), but also the light and airy,
open feeling completely belies the
small size of the house.
The house is furnished entirely with
actual antiques. Many have been in
the homeowner's family for
generations while others were
rescued from antique and flea
markets specifically to be integrated
into the design. A fireplace, cabinets,
tiled sinks and a tiled, recessed spa
bathtub are all features that were
hand-built to provide modern
convenience and still maintain the
correct style and scale.
Paints, stains, and wallpaper,
draperies and upholstery, light
fixtures, flooring and moldings, light,
color and texture all work together
to reinforce the true period feel of
this spectacular residence.
Timothy A. Barber, P.E.
Professional Structural Engineer
Florida License #63974

Sarah E. Jewell-Barber
Residential & Interior Designer

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