Here are snapshots of a variety of our other unusual projects.
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Miscellaneous Cases
At Adventure Cove Miniature Golf, in Mount Dora, the owners had already constructed this
mountain feature when they decided that an airplane "crashed" into it would make a great crowning
feature for opening day.
Unfortunately, the mountain was designed without the additional loads of the airplane in mind, and
the airplane itself had sustained structural damage during a hurricane.

ACS developed a solution to not only reinforce the steel frame of the mountain, but also subtly
provide support for the airplane's damaged airframe within the confines of all of the existing facilities.
Professional Complex, Eustis
What happens when the contractor drops a huge portion of your roof on the ground, then picks it
up and puts it on the building as if nothing had happened?
Click here for to find out.
(ACS performed structural inspections and extensive truss repairs for this complex.)
Prefabricated, in-ground, steel storm shelters provided and installed by SmartSafe Tornado Shelters, LLC.
These can be installed outside, as a part of your patio, or inside, recessed into the floor of your garage.
2008 seems to be the year of the
Boat House for ACS. For some
reason we have had a much
higher number of boat houses,
docks and other marine structures
come through our offices recently.
Models of two examples are
shown here.
Potable Water Storage Tank, Central Florida
This storage tank was badly in need of a new roof, among other things. The roof had been replaced
once already, and a poor design made proper application of the finishes and installation of the steel
plate nearly impossible, and resulted in the tank being distorted significantly out-of-round. A
redesigned top made for simple installation, correction of the out-of-round condition and should last
many years longer than the last one!
(Mike Purvis of Specialty Fabrication & Welding surveys the carnage, above)
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