Here are snapshots of a variety of Residential projects that ACS has been involved with.
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Residential Cases
Engineer of Record: Timothy A. Barber, PE at ACS Engineering, Inc.
Designer: Home Design Services, Altamonte Springs, FL
Contractor: owner
Wood truss roof with pre-cast concrete walls that were shipped to the site. All exterior walls were erected in a single day.
Private Residence, Mount Dora
Engineer of Record: Timothy A. Barber, PE at ACS Engineering, Inc
Architect: Varo & Associates, Orlando
Contractor: Del Hollingsworth
28,000 square feet under roof.
Wood truss and wood I-joists with masonry walls and structural steel. Concrete-topped subterranean wine cellar. Storm room.
Private Residence, Howey-in-the-Hills
Designer & Contractor: Olde Mill Company
Consulting Engineer: Timothy A. Barber, PE at ACS Engineering, Inc.
Wood truss and hand-framed roof on Insulated Concrete Form and formed-in-place concrete walls, including a basement.
Private Residence, Umatilla
Engineer of Record: Timothy A. Barber, PE at ACS Engineering, Inc.
1920s-era residence in need of extensive rebuild/renovation.
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Private Residence, Eustis
1920s-era residence damaged in September 20, 2007 Eustis tornado. This house would actually have survived the storm intact, except that it was struck by the roof that was torn off of a house two blocks away. As a result, extensive rebuilding of the roof of the front room was necessary, as the beams and rafters there were snapped like toothpicks.
Private Residence, Mount Dora
An old, frame rental residence in Mount Dora was damaged by a fire in April. The owner brought ACS in to evaluate the structural damage. The situation looked very dire at first, with extensive damage to the back room of the structure. However, ACS was able to quickly discern that, as ugly as the situation looked, the damage was nearly all superficial. There was almost no structural damage whatsoever. With our report in hand, the city turned the owner loose to start the arduous process of cleaning up and refinishing.
Private Residence, Altoona
The client designed this house himself, with the goal of being as green as possible. Unlike a lot of the builders who are just trying to cash in on a fad, he takes this very seriously, right down to the solar hot water, strictly 12 Volt DC solar electrical system and lack of air-conditioning, in a structure built much the same as they were 100 years ago. As of this writing, he is not planning on using any plywood of any kind, because of the adhesives involved. Instead, he is returning to the old-fashioned diagonal planking method for this entirely hand-framed house.
Mixing some of these new technologies into this period-style project, however, creates some structural concerns that the old houses never had to deal with, like up to 200 gallons of water stored in the peak of the attic, or almost 1000 lbs of batteries tucked away in another attic space.
Through careful analysis, we were able to safely carry all of these loads through the hand-framed structure down to the old-style brick pier foundation.
Timothy A. Barber, P.E.
Professional Structural Engineer
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